About XOvivo

About my work

I personally design and make my jewelry pieces in my studio in Northern Virginia. Since childhood, I’ve had private training in art, painting and sculpting. I also have learned directly from great jewelry artists throughout the years in both metal and multi-media. I get really excited when all of my background and experiences come together in creating collections that my customers enjoy wearing. My designs are created through my visualization stemming from my lifelong art training and my meditations. My MBA and marketing experiences constantly remind me the importance of building a strong customer service brand. Finally, my experience in engineering brings my design concepts to life.

Live and Love!
XOvivo ---- eXtraOrdinary Life

“Capture the essence of beauty in all things, real or imagined, and you are a visionary.
Express the essence through a tangible medium that becomes a part of you, and you are an artist.
Every one of us is an artist one way or another longing for others to relate to our choices of expression.”

Michael Choi, Designer & Maker