Support Local

"support local" initiative on our website

Some of our retailers have expressed concerns about artists/designers selling online. We understand the increasingly common situation of stores becoming showrooms for a brand and getting nothing out of it. Sometimes retail customers go back home, or even on their phone at a store, research, and shop online.

We believe in supporting local stores. At the same time, we want to make sure we serve retail customers who do not have access to XOvivo collections. We are acting on this issue by and implementing a very different policy and process to ultimately benefit everyone. 

1. At check out, the retail customer will select a store where they saw XOvivo jewelry by entering either the zipcode, name of the store, or city.  By doing so, the retail customer will receive free shipping.

2. Once per month, we will receive a report of sales and allocated stores. We will then give a significant percentage of the sales to the store identified by the retail customer as a credit for the store’s next purchase and inform the store of such credit.

This is a win-win-win for the retail customers, stores, and XOvivo.